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Top 7 international cuisine restaurants in NYC

On of the way traveling around the globe, staying in NYC - to eat in international authentic restaurants.

As soon as a lot of restaurants already have been closed, let’s support those who survived!

with @valentinabeli

1. Mermaid Oyster Bar - located at East Village and Upper West Side. European place. Very nice place to eat oysters, they have really good deals during happy hours! and great quality oysters.@themermaidnyc

2. Katzsdeli - located at Lower East Side, Jewish place. Super famous and old Jewish cafe, during normal time, there is just a huge line. It is famous because of sandwiches with very big roasted beef, and pickeles.@katzsdeli

3. RAO - located in upper east side (Harlem). Italian place, if you watched Old movies about NYC Italian mafia, this exactly this vibe. It’s super small place, but with over a year line. RAO’s Meatballs are just perfect.@raosrestaurants

4. Tsismis - located in Lower East Side. Philippine restaurant, located in Lower East Side. Chef Jappy cooks Philippine dishes, my favorite are deserts, it’s just melting.@tsismisnyc

5. Mountain Bird - Located in Upper East side, French-Japanese restaurant hold by family. Very interesting French-Japanese combination of flavors. When I first time saw menu was very surprised why there were noodles.@ilovemountainbird

6. Teranga - located at Upper East (Harlem). African restaurant, in the new building of African-American center. Basically they should be opened as a museum soon. Great interesting spicies in dishes.@itsteranga_

7. Ananda - located in East Village. Indian food place, first time I tried Indian food when I was in Indian Goa, and it was spicy carry, I didn’t like it at all, and never ate it after. But here my whole perspective forwards Indian food changed. It’s really interesting cuisine, a lot of good stuff.@anandanyc

What is your favorite international cuisine place in NYC?


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