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The question is when?

The American ideal of abundance came historically. In contrast with most countries, Americans traditionally believed that the wealth of the US was like an over-expending pie. As people become rich, the pie should continue to expand providing larger and larger pieces to everyone. There will be always enough of the pie for everyone.

And it worked.

I am thinking, today living at the age of Big Data, Amazon, and Facebook - the idea is the same, or those guys ate big part of that pie?

Is the American middle-class entrepreneur closed its business and went to work for Amazon or still struggling competing with it?

I love the comfort Amazon and Facebook provide me every day, thanks for that. But at the same time, I am supporting local businesses, growing startups, and companies. #supportsmallbusiness

Following up historical splits as Carnegie’s Steel, John Rockefeller’s Oil, American Tobacco Companies, thinking that American government one day should split current monopolies too. In purpose to support such basic American values as equality of opportunities, competition, freedom, and self-reliance.

Competition, equality of opportunities, self-entrepreneurship boost to innovation, awareness, create higher quality products and services.

Do you support small and local businesses?

What do you think, when? :) xx Daria


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