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The story about “Everything is for the best or how I met Anna Wintour”

A few weeks ago, I got an invitation to the @Diptyque and @TheAllureStore opening event. I am such a fan of their aromas, fragrances, and candles, but it turned out that right on this day I got crazy busy preparing for a party I was hosting at home the next day. I didn’t get the chance to stop by at the event. I was upset but decided to stop by the store as soon as I got the chance.

And it all worked out! Yesterday I was around Soho and decided to stop by. When I entered the Allure store, I realized that I am in the middle of another event - many well-dressed people, drinks. One of the managers caught me and gave me a gift of @Decortebeauty cosmetics (great brand, will try and share). I went to the Diptyque station, tested a few products and shot video of a new collection of fragrances and candles. (@Diptyque amazing as usual). After my pleasant influencer mission was done, I decided to go and sit at a table outside.

And can you imagine, as I’m sitting there, I see the icon of style - Anna Wintour, crossing the street right in front of me to the same event!

Despite being a confident person, having good networking skills, easily meeting new people, writing articles for best magazines, I got frozen like an 8th-grade student. I was too shy to bother her and say: “Hi, Anna! I am your fan! I just want to tell you that you are amazing and thank you for what you do for the fashion and beauty world.” @wintourworld

I just took a picture and video of her, still feeling confused about that. But feeling happy that I have a good cause to share it with you! :)

So here is lesson-1: everything is for the best.

Lesson-2: don't be shy next time when you meet the person you appreciate and say Hi. :)

Did you ever have the same kind of situation? :) #allurestore #diptyque #decorte #diptyqueparis #decortebeauty #nycinfluencer


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