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Summary of my April: pretty intense, challenging and fun

It all started with my birthday and the first vaccine, I did, which knocked me out for 4 days, because I already had antibodies and it was crazy bad.

Then right after the vaccine, we’ve celebrated catholic Easter. During the same time, I started working on my answers to Vogue magazine, prepared a presentation for Insta Beauty Conf, and did a one-hour live speech about influence marketing.

The first time since I’ve started working on my visa, I printed more than 600 pages of my case and I thought that it is it! So after that during the whole month I was translating /bringing additional/ requesting some signs, docs. Did it all, and waiting the decision. :)

We’ve celebrated Mike’s birthday, did my first shooting, and planned the trip to Washington to renew my Russian passport, which is expiring soon, I've collected and completed a few papers and official procedures.

At the same time I was working with brands, my collaborations, wrote another interview and article.

A few days ago I did the second vaccine, it knocked me out just for a few days, was much easier for me than the first one, but only now coming back to my roots.

It was challenging month, but happy! I’ve done it all, feeling like a superhero. Because all those big and small things are very important to me.

Hope I didn’t miss anything, thank you for being with me, your support means a lot to me!

bag: @formsstudio

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