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Privacy is the new black in 2021

I just recently did a research in stories, about big tech war. In case if you didn’t see, Apple VS Facebook.

Apple will release an update in few weeks, where it will block the Facebook tracking. Facebook tracks all the information outside its app, everything once you registered in facebook you “gave your agreement to it”. New Apple update release will ask your confirmation to it.

Facebook started a huge campaign in Media, telling that they do it to help small business to run effective adds. What is ridiculous, on my view.

So I did a small research in stories.

1. The first question was: “Do you know that Facebook tracks all information on your phone?”

62% told YES (44 people) , 38% told NO (27 people).

2. My second question was: “After an new Apple Update, when you will have choice. Will you let to Facebook continue doing it?”

46% answered YES (22 people), 54% answered NO (26 people).

Answers to second question made me surprised, because I expected something about 90% NO.

I am using two services on all my devices (Iphone and MacBook) to block all adds on youtube, google, yandex, all cookies etc. I works amazing!

One is NEXTDNS, another is ADGUARD (russian one, btw).

Both works to block all ads on my iPhone and MacBook.

I am curious, why are you OK Facebook continue track all your information? What is your approach? :)


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