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My first job: was it the choice or the absence of the choice?

Arriving in Moscow at 17 years old I didn’t have money to rent an apartment, I didn’t have any income. I could only rely on the student scholarship and student hostel, which cost nothing to me because I got a government scholarship.

Did I have a choice not to start working? Did I have a chance to relax and not study well? I don’t know...

I’ve started working at 18 y.o. as an assistant at different offices, doing some administrative things, I could do without experience.

It happened that after working a month at one of those companies - Ford Motor Company at the reception, I handled non-stop 7 calls in a line at the same time, income emails every 2 minutes, guest's names, and managing unknown coworkers well. To say it was crazy - to say nothing.

It turned out that the head of the Fleet Department invited me to the permanent part-time position working with corporate clients, so I could combine my studies and work in the office.

I was in the second grade in my university, it sounded so cool, that I could not accepting it, missing some lectures at university, but doing homework at home, at nights. I was motivated to do it excellent - the amount of monthly student scholarship payments depends on the semester score. It was a good motivation for me to study excellently as well.

This is how my first serious half-year job started. Did I have a chance not to start it? What would you do?

At the end of my university studies, I had an experience in 20 different big name companies. It helped me to get a good-paying full time job right away. So I could afford the rent payment and living expenses in Moscow by my own.

Of course, it’s all great, a lot of life adventures I have to share. But I still don’t understand was it my choice - or the necessity of circumstances. Did I really had a chance to do something more creative I wanted, but with the small salary at the start? I don't know...

Would you share how did you choose your first job? What was your motivation? For example the monthly salary and stability or small salary at the start, no guarantees, but the interest and the potential? :)

xx Daria


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