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Coronasomnia or 7 important reasons for getting a good night sleep

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

Study of the National Institute of Health highlighted a study of increasing rate of insomnia during the pandemic and its impact to physical and emotional health. They called in coronasomia.

First of all how many hours we need to sleep, CDC recommends:

For the ages from 18 to 60 y.o. To sleep hours or more, 7-9 hours.

Based on several reserches, good sleep gives us:

1. Better productivity and concentration

2. Lower weight gain risk

3. Better athletics performance

4. Lower risk of heart disease

5. Higher emotional intelligence

6. Preventing depression

7. Stronger Immune system

A few habits, which could help you get sleep better:

1. Free you head - using meditation apps or “nature sounds” music before getting sleep, whatever help you

2. Waking up from the bed no later than 25 mins after you woke up. Don’t fell asleep in the morning

3. Try to go sleep the same time everyday

4. Avoid bright screen lights 1-2 hours before getting sleep

5. Regulate temperature room to 65F or 18C

6. Workout or walking in a fresh air during the day, 10k steps

7. If you wear PJ - wear a good quality one :)

Wearing amazing quality silk PJ and silk-velvet mask

Photo by @photostudio308 Have a good sleep! :)


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