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Best Free Online Courses

Updated: May 10, 2020

I collected for you the list of websites with an access to thousands different online courses. There are so many of them for free, and I think it's great to take an advantage of it, and get knew knowledges during lockdown. Also I prepared for you the selection of the most interesting online classes, on my view!

1. - a lot of free classes about art, fashion and design

2. - so many different online classes for free. Social, computer signs and much more. I got stuck here :) and you can always receive certificate for $50 (if you need it).

3. - agglomerate of free courses of American universities and institutions. Just search “free courses” and more than 100 different courses will come up. A lot of offers a available till May 31 a lot of courses for free.

4. - if you want get new skills this website will be perfect for you. You can find here everything. The price is low, and a lot of courses for free.

5. - language classes for free for different levels.

I chose a few interesting courses, on my view:

Check it out and tell me about your favorites!




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