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Beauty standards, the reason for the cancellation of the Victoria's Secret show

We live during interesting time of changes, the world around us is constantly changing. What was fashionable yesterday is being questioned today. Canons of beauty tortured millions of women all over the world for so many years now become a relic of the past. It is already unfashionable to be standardized, tailored to the notorious 90–60–90 sm., more and more often you can hear that the beauty industry is not interested in the true well-being women, rather the opposite it is driving them to a standstill manipulates for their benefit. For current generations, it's difficult to completely abandon the imposed stereotypes, we grew up in the information field, where the female body is an object of man's pleasure. Now we are only learning to accept ourselves and understand what we want, how we dream to look and think. And perhaps our main task on this difficult path is to pass this thought to future generations. Beauty expert and entrepreneur from New York Daria Mudrova shares as New York thinks more and more positively.

The world of fashion is developing in a spiral. What is trending now already more likely worn in the past. Sometimes you don't have to wait long, do you remember biker shorts and thick hair bands from the 90s, which firmly registered in the wardrobe of fashionistas last year. We have already seen all this. But there are trends, which destroy the usual canons of beauty.

photo by Xsenia Voice

One of the hottest fashion news last year was the cancellation of Victoria's Secret show. First time " Angels" fluttered onto the podium back in 1995. The first demonstration of perfect female bodies in attractive and inviting underwear was so popular in America, and then all over the world that the show became annual, collecting millions of fans near TV screens. But recent years, Victoria's Secret has been severely criticized. Ed Razek former marketing director in one of his interviews told that plus-size and transgender models should not be involved to shows. The public reaction and press pressure were huge: the manager was fired, the first plus-size and transgender models were brought to the podium, but it did not help. The reaction has been started. Now the company is in a deep crisis, the value of its shares in 2019 fell, and the show had to be canceled. They explained that they want to change the way he communicates with customers.

photo by Xsenia Voice

In fact, behind this difficult decision is the request of society. Women are tired of chasing unattainable standards of beauty. Everything in the world is much more diverse than on Victoria's Secret catwalk: there are women with cellulite, wrinkles, overweight, scars after cesarean section, and so on. But they are all cornered since, in the world of hypersexual standardized models, they are forced to be shy.

photo by Xsenia Voice

One of the concepts helping women to relax and feel more confident - body-positive. Now this concept is often distorted, focusing on lazy people, who eat only burgers and do not shave. But this is not true. Body positive is about accepting ourselves, self-love, and being conscious. By the way, this is now a real trend in New York, it gets the feeling that absolutely everyone signed up for the gym and morning marathons in Central Park.

Of course, rocking this boat is not so easy. The beauty industry is already used to living by other rules, and not all companies are willing to accept changes as Victoria's Secret. The global annual turnover of the beauty industry - 532 billion dollars, every year it only increases. To inspire women that you need to buy as much as possible and to spend a lot in purpose to look like a magazine cover, it is simply profitable.

Pursuing the beauty standards it is very easy to get lost and lose yourself, being exhausted by diets that are harmful to health or, worse than that - risking life under the knife of a plastic surgeon. Just think about according to statistics published in 2019, 1,677,320 breast augmentation surgeries and about the same number of liposuction were performed in the world. All these girls were unhappy with themselves! Advertising inspires every girl from early childhood: it's important by all means to be perfectly slim, with velvety skin without a hint of imperfection. But this task is not only unrealistic but it is also dangerous. And not only for physical health but also mental - depression has become one of the most frequent diagnoses of our time. Now they are increasingly talking and writing about that it's easier for unexhausted women to give birth, they experience better emotions during intimacy. But frankly, boring statistics and researches by scientists lose out to colorful posters and commercials, calling completely to the opposite.

Now in NY, natural make-up is the trend. The mainstream is not makeup products - it is skincare products. We are trying to get used to the idea that it's not necessary to mask imperfections, you need to invest in health, and then the costs will pay off with interest. This is another step towards a world with new standards, to the world where you can't change yourself for the sake of public opinion, where is the woman born not to please a man, where we are all different but at the same time beautiful in our way, happy and in harmony with your body.


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