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American beauty: 7 beauty secrets of New Yorkers

New York beauty blogger Daria Mudrova analyzed the beauty secrets of girls from Manhattan.

Blogger Daria Mudrova lives in new York, is engaged in digital marketing and development of her beauty project. And now he shares the beauty secrets of girls who have achieved success in Manhattan.

It's common to think that everyone in new York has chosen comfort for a long time-they wear pajamas, sneakers, and patches under their eyes, but this is not quite true. On any street in the city, you can meet people of different nationalities and faiths, whose images reflect their culture. In addition, new York is the home of many different creative personalities who do not even need a reason to surprise with their appearance. To put it simply — the number of beautiful and well-groomed girls makes your eyes run away. But if you don't go into details, there are several beauty trends in modern American fashion.

1. Emancipation

In new York, live the most free and liberated girls on earth. Feminism has allowed them to wear what they want: comfortable sports joggers or a tight sequin dress, a loose hoodie or a classic black dress. Any choice will be welcome. Clothing and makeup are a means of self-expression and should bring joy primarily to its owner, not to neighbors or strangers. In new York, it is acceptable to go to the office unpainted, to a party after work to do makeup, as on the last call, and on Saturday to leave the house for a bagel and takeaway coffee unkempt and in pajamas. This, of course, is a bonus of life in the era of #MeToo: girls have stopped experiencing social pressure about their appearance.

2. Self-care and daily beauty routine

Girls in new York under 30 are considered teenagers, so a rare American woman will think to inject Botox before this age. Most likely, she will give preference to care procedures from a cosmetologist, and when choosing home cosmetics will carefully study the composition and allow only natural and vegan products that will allow her to look natural on her shelf in the bathroom. In new York, there is a huge selection of high-quality natural beauty products. The list of the most popular brands includes Osea, Evolve, Sabon, Briogeo, Milk Makeup, and Korres. Radiant skin is the basis of any image, girls achieve it with the help of skin hydration and nutrition. When applying makeup as a base, they use a reflective cream, and then apply a thin layer of ultra-light tone. Highlighter is also a must-have for any cosmetic bag. They emphasize the cheekbones, nose and dimples above the upper lip and chin.

3. Natural mess

In new York, girls want to give the impression that they did not try at all, although they can spend a lot of time in front of the mirror or in the salon. Their goal is to demonstrate a kind of natural negligence. Therefore, surf waves on the hair are relevant for many seasons. After all, this hairstyle meets the main demand of modern American women — for naturalness.

4. 50 shades of red lipstick

Red lipstick in all shades is, of course, a new York classic. In the purse of every fashionista, you can find one. At the new York fashion Week of the fall-winter 2020/2021 season, models at the Marc Jacobs show were wearing classic red lipstick on their lips. And Anna Sui and Rodarte added a bit of Gothic, experimenting with dark saturated shades of lipstick, which also pleased the American women. Red lipstick goes well with black glasses and red nail Polish. It turns out a very effective classic image.

5. Untouched eyebrows

It would seem that the name "untouched eyebrows" speaks for itself, but in fact it is only the appearance of a lack of intervention. In fact, a lot of attention is paid to the eyebrows. To fix and give volume, they are either laminated, or this effect is achieved at home using a gel or soap.

6. Biohacking

Sports, healthy sleep and proper nutrition. In new York, almost every girl knows about the magic green Superfoods-match, spirulina, and Chlorella. Almost all residents of the metropolis adhere to a healthy lifestyle: they run in Central Park, drink green smoothies, eat avocado toast, and do yoga or dance. After all, beauty is a harmony of physical and psychological health.

7. Self-confidence

Girls in new York are very confident, they have excellent self-presentation skills, do not hesitate to be themselves and do not strive to meet someone's expectations. Most of them are careerists, and they cultivate a sense of self-confidence primarily by doing what they love and self-actualize. There are several life hacks for gaining inner confidence, which I learned from American women and which help me a lot in life.

The first thing you need to be able to do is set small goals on the way to a big one. And every time you achieve a result, celebrate your success.

Second — you need to do something every day that scares you, it will add confidence in your own abilities.

Third, you need to take care of yourself as the most loved and dear person. Everything will do: a new outfit, red lipstick (according to research, red is associated with energy and confidence). It's amazing how little things like this make you feel better.

And most importantly, you need to learn and improve all the time. A new language, sports, some courses-all this motivates us to move forward.

In new York, girls have a lot of inner freedom. They maintain a sisterly relationship with each other, focus on work and are not burdened with the question of how to get married as soon as possible to have children. This is where other trends are born, especially the trend for comfort, inclusiveness, naturalness and health care.

Author: Beauty NYC Influencer


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