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About "Sex and the City" new 2021 edition

I love #sexandthecity tv-show. Recently was following up conversations around new episodes. Each respectful fashion magazine has the privileged duty to discuss new outfits of Sara Jessica Parker and her fabulous friends.

But something makes me upset, that some part of russian audience allow themselves to comment it, as “how old they are”, “how ugly they are” because aging naturally , “climax in the city” etc... It is so shame and awful to read it.

I am so happy to see the same characters in their 60s, in retrospective.

Carry Bradshaw, Miranda and Sharlotte in their age are amazing. This tv-show prolong the female mental youth, and shows up that yes, in 60s women doesn’t turn out to “babushka”, she is living interesting life, she is wearing fancy outfits, she is social, active, energized and full of life. No matter what she can age however she wants.

This is an amazing demonstration of the natural aging, how cool to build the life any age, being optimistic, powerful, looking how they want and living the life they want.

In US it’s not so common to see those type of negative stereotypical comments. But still, all of that is the sign that here and especially there is so much work ahead. #womenempowermen

Looking forward to the #sexandthecity2 show, no matter what! :)


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