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Abandoned Military Base, Hero Camp, that inspired Stranger Things

We decided to explore a very mysterious place. The abandoned military base in Hamptons, the mega-mansions location.

I would never tell it seemed to be the place to search for government conspiracy involving mind control, time travels, and drug experiments...Â

Rumors tell that was a place for government-sanctioned human experiments, comparable with Nazi's ones. IÂ

If you watched Netflix ’s Stranger Things, you would understand the vibe at this place. Writers have been inspired by legends around the eastern part of Long Island...

So we decided to take a trail 113, and during an hour went through the forest to see the main Radar Tower. On the way, we saw bunker with an iron door and a few huge gun batteries, which were built to protect NY from possible attacks by German ships and submarines.

The Radar Tower itself was established to catch possible Soviet nuclear attacks. During the Cold War in the 60s. It is a bit destroyed now.

All buildings are abandoned, it's was a little creepy to walk around, first I felt that we are in a Jumanji movie, later in a Stranger Things, and at the end at Chernobyl.

We 've been hiking around a lot and decided to take a trip back along the ocean. It was really hard to find the beautiful road back, but we did it.

When we went down in a very small unofficial road, the huge military helicopter a crossed along the board twice. As you see on the video, it was unnaturally super close to us. I don't know why that happened, i hope not because two people have been walking around.

So! So many conspiracy theories around this place, I am not believing that stuff, but it's something mysterious about this place... ! I understand why @Netflix 's Stranger Things was inspired by those stories around. So many fantasies :)


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