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5 books for better understanding of the American Culture

1) Sherwood Anderson, Winesburg, Ohio

Published in 1919, this literary masterpiece explores the hidden passions of ordinary lives in a small American town.

2) Richard Paul Evans, The Road to Grace

An advertising executive walks across the country from Seattle, Washington, to Key West, Florida.

3) John F. Kennedy, A Nation of Immigrants

President Kennedy, himself the grandson of Irish immigrants, discusses how old immigrant traditions mix with the new experiences of immigrants starting life over in America.

4) Barack Obama, Dreams of My Father

In this "Story of Race and Inheritance," President Obama reflects on his life from his birth in Hawaii to a father from Kenya and a mother from Kansas, to his enrollment in Harvard Law School.

5) Marco Rubio, An American Son

This book is a memoir by the Cuban-American U.S. Senator from Florida.

Which books would you recommend to better understanding of the US culture? :)


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