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How I used my first Microneedles Patches

You know how I love K-beauty products and specifically face skin care products. Recently I got microneedle patches from BioKeep. The company sent me a couple of products to try. The microneedle patches Jeju Cherry Blossom Rapid Solution Deepcare Patch is one of the products I was the most surprised and excited to try. Here is my why!

I never tried microneedle procedures on my face before, nor casual needle rollers. But I was always wondering about starting to see how it works.

The innovative technology promises to deliver all active ingredients and microelements to deeper layers of the skin. Those patches suppose painlessly penetrate deep into the skin, targeting wrinkles from the inside out. The active ingredients dissolve deep into the skin layers, releasing moisturizing ingredients.

I followed the instruction:

1. Cleanse your face

2. Removing protective film from needles

3. Applying the patch to the target area

4. Gently press during 3-5 seconds until the needles start to dissolve

5. Keeping it at least for a couple of hours, could do overnight.

First, I gently pressed on the active microneedle area when I applied it. I have pretty sensitive skin. I felt a mild prickling sensation, but it disappeared after a couple of minutes, and I almost didn't feel it on my face. I kept it for two hours, and after taking it off, all the needles dissolved. My skin was mild red, but it vanished in 10-15 mins, and the patch surface was smooth, too. After that, the skin under my eye was so fresh and soft.

You can apply it to any area on your face and see results. I targeted my undereye area because I like some shiny effect on my cheekbones.

The next step.

After that, I apply the cream under my eyes. The Eye Cream Bio Keep Jeju Cherry Blossom Rapid Solution Deepcare has a delightful smell – one of my favorite cherry blossoms. Eye Cream and patch that contains Jeju-derived Prunus Yedoensis Flower Ferment Extract. It seems cherry blossom extract – has an anti-inflammatory effect and reduces inflammation.

The third step.

I apply the Biokeep Outfit Real Vitamin C Ampoule, which is generally very beneficial for your skin health. It boosts collagen production, supercharges the antioxidant benefits, reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Vitamin C inside and out this winter season is essential.

This bundle works terrific on my skin! I will continue using them to see the best results and keep my skin hydrated and smooth, especially by putting them on during the night to reduce puffiness in the morning and target other areas of my skin I want to improve. Fantastic products - use my promo-code DARIA for 20% OFF!




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