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40 books Russians read in high school (9-11 grades)

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

Recently I posted the list of books Americans read in high school, so here as I promised, the russian alternative list.

Some of my Russian friends have been surprised why Americans don’t read Russian literature, one of the answers I found out, there is no translation, or it’s bad.. :)

Photo by Matt Baker

1. Word to the Honour of Prince's Ihor Regiment

2. Denis Fonvizin, Undergrowth

3. Alexander Radischev, “The Travel from Petersburg to Moscow”

4. Nikolay Karamzin, the story “Poor Lisa”

5. Alexander Griboyedov, “Woe from Wits”

6. Alexander Pushkin “Mozart and Salieri”

7. Alexander Pushkin “Eugene Onegin”

8. Michael Lermontov “A Hero of our Time”

9. Nikolay Gogol, “Dead Souls”

10. Nikolay Gogol “The Overcoat”

11. Ivan Turgenev “First Love”

12. Lev Tolstoy “Youth”

13. Anton Chekhov The Man In A Case

14. Ivan Bunin “Arseniev’s Life”

16. Michael Bulgakov “Dead Souls”

17. Vladimir Nabokov “The Thunderstorm”

18. Michael Sholokhov. "The fate of man”

19. Alexander Tvardovsky "Vasily Terkin”

20. Alexander Solzhenitsyn. The story "Matrenin's yard"

21. Alexander Pushkin "The Bronze Horseman"

22. Alexander Ostrovsky "The Thunderstorm"

23. Ivan Goncharov "Oblomov"

24. Ivan Turgenev “Fathers and Sons”

25. Nikolay Nekrasov "Who lives well in Russia”

26. Fedor Dostoevsky "Crime and Punishment"

27. Lev Tolstoy "War and Peace”

28. Anton Chekhov "Student", "Ionych", "Man in a Case", "Gooseberry", "About Love", "Lady with a Dog"

29. Ivan Bunin Stories: "The gentleman from San Francisco", "Clean Monday", collection "Dark alleys"

30. Alexander Kuprin. The story "Garnet Bracelet"

31. Maxim Gorky "The Old Woman Izergil", "At the Bottom".

32. Bernard Shaw “Pygmalion”

33. Alexander Blok, "Twelve".

34. Boris Pasternak, "Doctor Zhivago"

35. Michael Bulgakov, "The Master and Margarita".

36. Andrei Platonov, "Return".

37. Mikhail Sholokhov, “Don Stories”, novel "Quiet Flowing Don"

38. Varlam Shalamov, “Kolyma stories”

39. Alexander Tvardovsky, "Vasily Turkin"

40. Alexander Solzhenitsyn, The story "One Day in Ivan Denisovich".

If I didn’t mention something, would appreciate your comments! What is your favorite ones? :)


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