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10 last minute gift ideas under $100

Holidays are coming and it is time to pack your gifts and put under the Christmas tree. But if you are still in process of choosing gifts for your beloved, here is some short list of last minute gifts. And the thing is you don't have to spend hundreds of dollars to make a perfect gift, you can find beautiful gift in less than one hundred. Here is the list.

It disinfect an air, eliminates bacterias. During the lockdown period very useful device. This purifier has a built-in ozone and negative ion generator. Ozone has a strong oxidative decomposition ability, and negative ions can absorb dust. The combination of these two functions can effectively eliminate pet odor, second hand smoke and kitchen oil fume, allowing you to enjoy natural fresh air at home.

Here is your 10% discount 3DJW86Y4, available till December 31st, 2020

Cost: $28.98

Great web-camera for zooms, meetings, online classes, Facebook and YouTube - 1080P Webcam with Microphone for Desktop. You can adjust the angle you want, keep your privacy covering MacBook camera, do online classes, lives, zoom meetings, use for big group of people, keep busy with your notebook at the same time 🤪

Amazing tool our days!

Cost: $19.99

Amazing skin care organic cosmetic brand. Great for all ages and type of skin. I am fan of aloe based body cream and Anti-Aging facial Wrinkle Cream With Growth Factors cream. It is Paraben-free, suitable for all skin types, there is no age restriction, it has got all the potent ingredients which are capable of preventing any skin-related issue. It is gender neutral line, can be good for women and men.

Here is your 20% discount - INSTA20 and free US delivery

Amazing cool affordable watches, cool designs, looks amazing, delivered in a great box. I am totally in love with their watches, wearing it almost everyday.

They have cool watches for men and women.

Use 15% discount DARIMUDROVA15

My watches: LEXINGTON $125

TENS is trascutaneous electrical nerve stimulation. So this device stimulates the nerves exclusively for the purpose of relieving the pain. Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) is designed to stimulate the muscles for the purposes of rehabilitating them.

Tens therapy offers pain relief without medicine, side effects, addictions or health complications.

Cost: $35.99

Amazing silk and velvet accessories, so necessary our days. Everyone will be happy to get fancy face mask. Silk for all brand has many different colors and such a great quality.

Silk face mask $20 (till the end of the year)

Shower oils, creams for body, hands, scrubs, masks, fragrances for house.

Great quality, beautiful design and aesthetics, amazing smells and textures, created in Israel from holistic recipes.

My favorite part - it is packed so beautiful, specially for Christmas and Winter Holidays.

They have sets:

Everyone is spending much time at home, and home outfits are the most universal and necessary gift for anyone. Thermals are super soft, pleasant for skin and keeping the warmth.

I have 5 different colors of same design set and just in love with those!

Thermals set: $27

I am in love with Atelier Cologne fragrances by Sephora. Using it every day, even at home.

This smell is very fruity and reminds me ocean tropical getaways, with key notes as lime, coconut and eucalyptus.

30 ml travel size - $80

This year fragrances rock!

My favorite candles brand. They have amazing smells, aesthetics, design.

So many beautiful aromas...

One of my favorite smells Tubereuse price $68

And one over $100:

Sustainable Timberland Boots - new Jenness Falla Waterprof Insulated Boots

1. Super stylish and comfy

2. Love such a platform

3. Waterproof

4. Better leather

5. Just amazing shoes brand

These styles lead the way when it comes to using responsible materials and methods such as leather from regenerative ranches, responsible natural rubber or 100% recycled materials

A bit more.. $129, but with good discount now (it was $180)

Hope you got some new ideas and will choose the best gift for for your friend! :)




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