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What is skinimalism? Frugal Beauty adepts

Everyone has been talking about minimalism lately, but did you relate it to one of the current beauty trends - skinimalism, what is it exactly?

Basically new trend which appeared as counter-movement to more-is-more approach. Like everything else in our lives. From neutral - to bright - and back.

It is sub-trend of Clean Beauty Movement and hugely growing this year, based on Statista data, showing that 70% of US consumers aged 18-29 would rather use organic and natural cosmetics.

On my view a few factors played a significant role in that. The general awareness about environment, which accelerated the growth of byproduct beauty with low carbon footprint, and simply the concept less-is-more.

Minimal beauty is affordable, health-supportive, sustainable, political and effective.

It could take stronger position and become a movement lately, on my view, and drive the big spectrum of the beauty industry to the new direction.

Author: Daria Mudrova


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