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All attention to TikTok! Why is it worth paying attention to the new social network?

No time, it's time to shoot a video! So briefly could characterize TikTok. According to experts, this social network has absorbed all the best that we already know, and with gigantic strides is gaining popularity among users all over the world. Why is it worth taking an example from America and taking a closer look at short funny videos, says beauty blogger from New York Daria Mudrova.

TikTok allows you to shoot videos of no more than one-minute duration, record live broadcasts, like, and share messages. And what, it would seem, do we still need? Add masks and filters - and here it is, an ideal service for every day. In America, TikTok is the main trend today. Facebook quickly flew to the background, as in Russia Vkontakte. These social networks are no longer for active youth. Experts believe that the main attraction of TikTok is unity. This platform gives the feeling that you are dancing to your favorite music at one big party with your favorite stars and influencers.

Like almost everything that surrounds us, TikTok first appeared in China. True, there this network was originally known as Douyin. In 2016, ByteDance launched this service and an analog in the international market. And two years later, thanks to the merger with, TikTok was born in the form that we know it today. Almost immediately after the appearance of TikTok, Bloomberg called this social network the most expensive startup, valuing it at $75 billion. In 2018, it bypassed Uber Technologies, which, according to CB insights, costs $72 billion. Speaking about Russian companies, only state giants, such as Sberbank, with a capitalization of $85 billion, and Gazprom, valued at $82 billion in January 2020, can be compared with TikTok.

photo by Nick Latkin

According to Sensor Tower, at the end of 2018, TikTok took the 4th place in the world in the number of downloads, missing only the What's App, Messenger from Facebook and Facebook itself, but at the same time overtaking Instagram and YouTube, even though at that time only TikTok was born.

A year later, in the summer of 2019, the monthly active audience of TickTock reached one billion users in the world, and in September the service took first place in terms of the number of downloads among social networks, ahead of Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger, and Youtube.

As for the TikTok audience, this is the "youngest" social network, for example in Russia, 75 percent of Tik Tok users are young people from 12 to 23 years old. The fact is that teenagers do not want to hang out with their parents on the same platforms. Users note that they feel calmer and more confident on this site, TikTok attracts with its simplicity and the ability to be itself. Instagram has long turned into a gloss where users love to demonstrate their ideality: only Hollywood smiles, velvety skin, and pumped up bodies. In TikTok, the opposite trend is here - you can be yourself, funny, ridiculous, do stupid things and get only approval, likes, and subscribers for this.

Of course, TikTok attracts not only ordinary users, but it has also been appreciated by stars, influencers, and various companies. Firmly registered for TikTok in Russia - Little big, Nastya Ivleeva, Yegor Creed, Friday, and TNT channels host-adapted content. Beauty and fashion are no exception: Guess, Maybelline, NYX, Paul Ralph Lauren, and others. The commercials of these companies also have multi-million viewings, and the challenges are multi-million budgets.

Each month, more than 10 billion videos are downloaded to the service, watched by 8 million users in Russia. According to Mediascope, a Russian logs into the application on average 7 times a day and spends about 39 minutes in it. For comparison, on Instagram - 26 minutes a day, on Vkontakte - 36, YouTube takes 45 minutes to view.

The audience of TikTok is growing every day, and if you now begin to correctly build a strategy to conquer this platform, then in time you can reap the benefits. TikTok bloggers are prophesied with cool bonuses and tools for self-expression, not comparable to what influencers on Instagram are now getting. The fact is that TickTock skillfully combined the very best that we liked so much in other social networks: creative filters, music, live content, and a personalized feed - that is, on the "for your page" page there will be exactly those videos that, after appropriate analysis. The application was considered the most interesting for you. Today it's possible to get a lot of organic reach through the proper use of hashtags. The difference between using hashtags with Instagram is that TickTock helps you find exactly your target audience, and not just make a big coverage, here you need to be guided by the rule, less is better but better and to a point by the target audience.

Author: Daria Mudrova


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