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About my first digital shopping experience and digital outfit

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

Guess what is real and what is not in this picture? I am wearing an amazing digital sweatshirt DRESS X COSMIC by digital fashion platform Dress-X in collaboration with Space X.

Let's admit that there is a bunch of outfits in our closet we bought, wear once, and never came back to it again. I have multiple dresses, outfits I wear once, made a picture and it stays in my closet.

As a digital content creator, I constantly need a lot of new outfits. It seems that digital fashion great way to create cool content. It saves so much time! Just think about it, I am thrilled!

I saw so many cool futuristic, fancy outfits for a reasonable price, it was hard to choose which one I would wear today, I was inspired and thrilled by Space X cosmic collection.

On the website just in a few clicks - choose the outfit, upload your picture, and voila, l your beautiful look is ready! Like in a video game or our future! :)

Wearing this cool digital hoodie allowed me to create a unique authentic look and content for my Instagram feed. Digital shopping helped me to be more sustainable and saved natural recourses.

Can you imagine, that you don't need to bring thousands of looks when you travel abroad - just make a picture with good light in the regular fit outfit, or swimming suit? Travel with comfort, come back from your trip and change your look. You have multiple different pictures.

Along with that digital fashion is sustainable, why:

  • Production of a digital garment emits 97% less of CO2 than the production of a physical garment and;

  • on average, it saves 3300 liters of water per item, which is enough for one person to drink 2 liters per day during 3,5 years;

  • The polyester dress takes 200 years to decompose - to decompose a digital dress, you just need to archive its picture in your feed;

  • Traditional fashion accounts for 20 to 35% of microplastic flows into the ocean.

I am so excited about my first digital outfit, it is fun and very feels very unusual. I think that this concept is future of fashion: don't shop less - shop digital! :)

Here is the link to tomorrow's webinar "Fashion Tech Summit 2021 - Sustainability and Digital", January 22, 2021, 8:30 AM - 11 AM EST (NY 8:30 AM – 11:00 AM EST

Many high-profile scientists agree that we need to become carbon neutral by 2050. The climate change threat we’re facing is too complicated for one company to solve it alone. With the help and guidance from our speakers, we will be discussing ways of how to contribute to the changes in the fashion industry in the best possible way. You could hear much more about digital fashion from the amazing speakers and founder @moredaria.

What do you think about all of that? :)

author: Daria Mudrova


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