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5 things to do in Provincetown during one day

Pride month 2020 is finishing tomorrow, and we got the chance to visit Provincetown, at Cape Code, Massachusetts. The “fire island” for LGTB people in United States.

It is one of those unusual United States cities I have ever visited. Very colorful, cute and super artistic. It has lot of galleries, cute small restaurants, Ice cream and bakery cafes, bars with an ocean view and just an amazing chill open minded atmosphere.

Provincetown It is the top US destination for gay people and largest city for LGTB community.

How to get to Provincetown:

  • Automobile - 5/6 hours from NYC, it’s hard to find the parking place - but possible

  • Boat - Bay State or Boston Harbor cruises from Boston

  • Airplane - all cities

5 things you could do in Provincetown during 1 day:

1. Walk on the central Commercial Street right on the beautiful bay

2. Climb the Pilgrim monument. 1620 pilgrims first landed in Provincetown Harbor

3. Take a bike ride in the Cape Cod Provincelands trail, 5 miles loop that will take you through the dunes, forest and cranberry bogs

4. Go to the Race beach, to watch saw seals. I am not sure about swimming, because of the sharks

5. Drink glass of wine ok the sunset, try clam chowder, lobsters and sea food

Happy Pride, 2020!

Have you been in Provincetown, how did you like it?


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