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My Skincare Beauty Routine

Is your skin is a matter of your genetics? Or it's a matter of beauty habits and routine. I prefer to believe that most of the things depend on me and several facts as an environment, the air and time of the year, and my calendar. And I am trying to do everything depends on me taking care of myself. And it's very important to amplify positive beauty habits and make it fun.

My everyday beauty routing consists a few steps.

To improve blood circulation, lymphatic drainage, and metabolism:

- Starting my day with a warm glass of water and lime.

- I do yoga, basic exercises / running

- 100 jumps

Morning facial routing:

- Cleansing – washing my face with soft gel

- Toning – spraying aloe water

- Moisturizing – mask and eyes patches

- Moisturizing serum and cream

Night facial routing:

- Cleaning with soft gel

- Toning and spraying aloe water

- Night Cream + jade roller

Once or 2 times a week I have a beauty hour:

- Facial cleansing – using soft lemon peeling, and clay for deeper cleansing on T-zone

- Moisturizing mask

- Muscles stimulation - Facial massage with gua sha, vacuum massage

- Balancing – spraying water

- Cream and serum

One of the most important thing to keep beauty is sleep, I call it beauty sleep. It really helps my skin a lot. And the second - water! I am doing a lot of water during the day, no less than 2 liters.

So it helps me to keep my skin tonus! :)




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