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My favorite hair-care products

I cut off my hair exactly a year ago, and I’ve decided to be serious about all the treatments I do. I’ve eliminated harmful procedures, as dying my hair, coloring, and using heat. And started paying more attention to high-quality daily products of what I use and where I buy it.

I’ve compared prices on Amazon and other local online stores and found out that prices in local stores are cheaper than on Amazon. So here is one of those stores that provide authentic luxury haircare brands, such as Kerastase, Oribe, Bumble and Bumble, Kevin Murphy etc. – I got Kerastase shampoo, a hair conditioner, and oil for my hair.

Kerastase is fantastic. Utiee works with brands, who care about ecological issues. So basically, here is what I’ve paid attention to choosing my hair treatment products.

I have thin baby hair, the skin on the scalp is sensitive.

During the weekdays I do:

1. Nutritive Bain Satin 1 Shampoo which I use twice in a row washing of my hair.

First I wash it to clean the dirt, then I rinse it with warm water and massage a drop of shampoo on my hair again. During the second time, it nourishes my skin and hair. The texture is so bubbly

2. Second step – I use a hair conditioner from the same line Nutritive Lait Vital for Dry Hair.

I put it to wet ends for 2-3 mins avoiding the roots area. It keeps my hair nourished, shiny and detangled after I dry.

3. After I dried my hair – I used Elixir Ultime l’Huile Original Oil oil at the ends of my hair.

I love this specific oil because it makes my hair shiny, but not greasy, dirty-looking, and heavy. This oil is super light and perfect for my thin hair. It protects from the heat up to 230 C, seals split ends and smooths it. I put 1 pump on dry hair, starting from the mid-length to ends. Actually, around 5 years ago my Moscow hairstylist advised me of this one when I first colored my hair.

Once a week I do a deep hair care procedure with the sea salt scrub and nourishing mask and serum for growth. Could share with you in a different post.

I buy hair products from because:

- they have an amazing choice of great hair brands, all in one place - I support local businesses;

- buying from an authorized dealer specialized in luxury hair brands is secure, all products are authentic;

- It is cheaper than on Amazon;

- free delivery on orders over $35;

- lots of special offers and discounts.

Thank you,!


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