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My 7 favorite food shows you can stream now

Here I chose for you my favorite cooking tv-shows.

1. No reservations, Anthony Bourdain

That's my favorite one. The mix of travels, adventures, humor, honesty, authentic dishes from over the world. Bourdain is traveling the world with his crew and and testing local cuisines, learning the world through the cooking.

2. Iron Chef America

Based on the format of the original Japanese version of "Iron Chef," the host unveils a "secret ingredient," which the competing chefs must incorporate into each dish they create during limited time.

3. Beat Bobby Flay

Talented chefs battle for the chance to take down Bobby Flay. Culinary competitions, each half-hour episode begins with two chefs competing to create a dish using an ingredient chosen by Flay.

4. Good Eats with Alton Brown

Alton Brown uses a combination of classroom methods and comedy sketches to explain not just how to cook a dish, but also why the ingredients interact as they do when you put them all together. Brown has said that the show's inspiration is to combine Julia Child, Mr. Wizard and "Monty Python.

5. Ugly Delicious

David Chang chef exploring the cultural specificity in a dish. Chan travels to different countries to see how a certain food item, like pizza or fried chicken, is reinterpreted by the people who live there.

6. Simply Ming

Ming Tsai chef is known for his melding of Eastern and Western flavors, a theme he furthers in "Simply Ming." Each episode deals with a specific staple, what he refers to as a Master Recipe.

7. Chef Tables

Every new episode is about culinary star chef around the world, who are redefining gourmet food with innovative dishes and tantalizing desserts.

Do you watch cooking shows? What is your favorite?




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