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My 5 top list of Russian YouTube channels

Russian Youtube is so interesting our days. It is almost like independent media, anyone can share their opinions and be honest about certain topics you can’t see on official channels. (I’ve told “almost” - because it still feels like it is not 100% free. )

It is interesting how media in the US and Russia are different. Because US media are independent and never had such issues with freedom of speech as in Russia.

We still can watch and have an access to so many interesting blogs, shows. I really want to say thank you to:

1. @yurydud is the first successful youtube interviewer, who invented YouTube as an alternative serious platform for media hosts. So many new people he discovered, he is famous for non-compromised straightforward questions he asks, for his honest approach and various guests, as gen Z rap singers to movie directors, propagandists, current opposition and top influential people in Russia.

2. @e.shulmann - I can listen to her for a while. She reminds me of my University professors of sociology and political science at RSUH and MSU. She is professional and speaks about social and political, demographical, and social events in Russia from the expert point of view.

3. Redakzia - @pivo_varov , on my view, this is an example of a real independent news program. I love his phrase at the end of each news show - you saw everything, now you make your own conclusions. He covers up a lot of really important political and social topics, official media don’t show off.

4. @xenia_sobchak - she is the mix of pretty everything. Provocative, controversial, intelligent, self-ironic. She is one of those interviewers who has her own opinion about everything and always bringing it to the conversation. I disagree with some of Ksenia’s statements, but it is always fun to watch. Love her ads and music videos, who is her creative director :)

5. Nezhniy Redaktor - with Tatyana Mingalimova. She has created the youtube show “Friends” for gen Z, like sex and the city in their 25s. They’ve covered up so many important topics as sex education for young girls, gender equality, feminism, relationships - Russian media were seeking before. The voice of young Russian feminists.

Of course, there are more cool ones… I would speak later :)

But do you have anything you are like to watch on Russian Youtube and would share? :)


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