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How an innovative environmental social app can help you to save the planet

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

I recently traveled to Puerto Rico, and I was shocked by the major damage caused by Hurricane Maria back in 2017, and the terrible consequences caused by such natural disasters. It made me feel so connected to the Earth and the power of the environment.

I believe in evolution - not revolution. Luckily each of us can positively impact the planet by making some small actions in our daily lives that can help prevent ecological catastrophe and make a difference.

Big changes start with little actions every day, and with current technologies it becomes easier today! Only together can we prevent global warming, depletion of the Ozone Layer, Air Pollution, Ocean pollution, forest fires, and others…

It is always great to work together; is an upcoming cool environmental social app that makes it easier and more fun for everyone to work together and make these types of contributions. The app is focused on building a community of people connected in purpose to make a positive impact on our planet. It allows you to learn about the planet and its problems, educates you on which actions you can take to protect the environment, and monetizes making positive actions. It allows sharing your posts, thoughts, and actions with the community. focuses on small steps towards the health of our planet that you can easily integrate into your daily routine, plus will be rewarded with tercoins, available through the app, when you complete these positive steps.

My personal 5 daily routine actions for the good of the environment are:

1. Recycling - by sorting metal, plastic, glass, and paper from regular trash;

2. Using reusable bags - in shopping stores and for everyday general use;

3. Donating my clothes - to give them the second life as much as possible;

4. Choosing locally grown organic food - by shopping at local farmer's markets;

5. Saving electricity and water - by switching off lights and other electrical appliances when not in use - the same with water.

I would love to increase my environmental awareness, to do more, to be more educated, to find people with the same mindset and to connect with others who share similar values so we can help each other and grow together.

In my view, one of the best ways to solve the climate crisis and save the Earth is through cooperation.

The more people who adopt green and eco-friendly habits, the better the environment will be for you, your children, and all future generations.


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