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7 healthy habits for greater well-being

Would love to share my healthy habits i am trying to maintain.

1. Sleeping is the best beauty pill

Try getting normal hours for sleeping, 7-9 hours can also help normalize and improve weight and metabolism.

2. Better food choices

  • avoiding any fast-food and harmful ingredients, including hormones, GMO, sugar, processed foods.

  • healthy protein

  • serving fruits and veggies, plants 2-5 time a day

  • maintaining PH balance

  • implement superfood to daily meal

3. Sport

Minimus 30 mins cardio each day, it includes walking as well. Whatever you commit to do every day have to be enjoyable. I love yoga because of stretching every morning + walking/running.

4. Hydration

Water helps hydrate and nourish us, it provides a neutral pH, helps detoxify and combat snacking.

5. Add vitamins

Check you blood and consult with doctor which vitamins your body miss, and depends on the season and needs implement to daily routine. I talk already about my favorite spirulina, chlorella, omega 3, and one of my favorite is @daily

6. Nature

Parks and nature helps relieve stress, improve affect and focus. Spending time in local park or rooftop garden helps as well. Of course hike, going to beach, engaging outdoor activities are the best!

7. Practice art of mindfulness

Even with daily 10 mins meditation you can archive improved concentration, mental clarity, emotional intelligence, and increased ability for compassion.

If you are interested in one of those, with pleasure would discuss it with you!

Stay healthy!

Stay Safe!

Your Dasha


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