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5 scary movies to watch

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

1. Penny Dreadful (netflix) - 19th century gothic british horror based on mix of different classic figures and tails including Dorian Gray from “The Picture of Dorian Gray”, Victor Frankenstein, Count Drakula, and some witches, and Egyptian myths. Beautiful victorian aesthetics and mix of all those different characters in one long story.

2. Haunting of Bly Minor (netflix)- american gothic horror mystery, with amazing Victoria Pedretti ( from the second season YOU). A lot of things happens in countryside mansion around young housekeeper, and two kinds.

3. The Sacrament (2013 film) (netflix) - VICE production. About the christian cult “Parish” and the events that transpire after Vice journalists arrived to the community. That’s an incredible movie.

4. Knock-Knock (2015) (netflix) - an american thriller, or social satire with Kianu Reeves. Very satirical movie.

5. Mary Shelley’s Frankenstien (1994) (amazon prime) - with the main character Robert De Niro. Amazing story. Considered th most faithful full adoption of 1818 novel.

Do you like scary movies, I do sometimes, especially during the autumn before Xmas :) Did you watch any of that? With pleasure would discuss it with you :)


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