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3 Lifehacks that make working remotely productive

If you are freelancer, or currently working from home, or wondering how organize yourself working more effectively anywhere, here are my few lifehacks.

Photo by: @niklatkins

1. Concentration is the key.

You have to be able concentrate wherever you are. That skill is super important even if you are working at the office, but if you are freelancer it’s 100% important to get this skill. You can work at home/cafe/co-working space/traveling/ around other people and situations effectively. How to train this skill - MEDITATION, 10-15 mins per day. It should not be any spiritual one. Opposite! There are apps, which created for people, living in a big cities, who want to clear their mind and be able to concentrate on really important tasks. Here are my top 3 apps, which could help you to get those skills:

▪ Headspace

▪ Calm

▪ Practica (available for Russian speakers at iTunes)

2. Organizing of workspace.

If you just open your eyes laying in the bed and took your laptop with you, that will not work pretty well. You need to schedule time and specify working place. For example if you are traveling - it can be table at any cafe, or your special zone at home. And of course - wearing something casual, not PJs.

3. Make a list of tasks you have to do during the day.

During your morning routine don’t check email or social media - do it after you created the list of tasks you have to accomplish during the day. That helps a lot being concentrated on important things and it works perfect with previous paragraphs.

What does help you stay concentrated and being effective working remotely?


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