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10 Iconic movies about black people in USA

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

Here is the list of my favorite movies about black community in USA.

  1. Malcolm X (1992), by Spike Lee, about Malcolm X

2. To kill a Mokingbird (Убить пересмешника) - b/w movie, classy. Great to read a book.

3. American History X (1998) - with Edward Norton, about neinazism

4. Blackklansman, by Spike Lee about KKK

5. Selma, about Martin Luther King

6. 12 years a Slave, about 1853, by Steve McQueen, with Brad Pitt

7. 42 - about first black Major League Baseball player

8. Get Out, by Jordan Peele the same director as for the movie Us (both are genius horrors)


9. I am not your negro

10. King in the Wilderness - about Martin Luther King

11. 13th - about criminal aspect and prisons, why so many black ppl are in prison

Enjoy! If you know other cool movies, let me know please :)

Peace and Love. It is always great to educate yourself about this important topic.

Black Lives Matter.


your Daria


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