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Daria is the founder and host of The She Did It Show video podcast, digital content creator, and entrepreneur based in New York City.


Daria launched The She Did It Show, broadcasted on 5 MNN TV-Channel Spectrum 1993 every next Thursday at 6 pm and on Youtube Channel. Through in-depth conversations with successful female leaders from various industries, Daria explores the challenges and triumphs of their journeys. She uncovers the strategies and techniques to build thriving businesses and the lifestyles they desire.


While living in Moscow, she founded and sold her start-up, My Beauty Box, which collaborated with brands such as L’Oreal, Sephora, L'Occitane, Yves Rocher, Calvin Klein, Shiseido, and LVMH. Daria contributed articles to international publications, magazines Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Instyle, and others.

And set up the Manhattan-based contemporary art gallery  Orchard Galerie.  Also, she helped brands set up their business and build content marketing strategies. 

Daria is an immigrant; she received an O1 visa for extraordinary talents in the US. She hopes the content she creates encourages young women to be confident and positive and inspires them to take action toward their passion projects and the lifestyle they desire. 



How to create a print magazine, art director about Ornament Magazine, graphic design and movies
Talked about movies, how Ornament magazine was created, previous projects working in Instyle magazine and Avon, graphic design, and art direction for magazines. Started talking about movies and hardly could stop! Lubov Rybakova – an art director and graphic designer based in New York City working on branding, visual identities, and editorial design. Lubov worked on special projects in Instyle magazine, and as an Art Director in Avon. Her graphic design artworks and art integrations were published in Instyle, Glamour, Elle and Cosmopolitan, and other media outlets. Today she works as an Art director in Ornament magazine and helps to brand with its digital and print visual identity. Lubov received an O1 visa for extraordinary talents in the US. Interview navigation: 04:18 - Ornament Magazine - an independent, fully illustrated magazine about the movie 06:09 - about the Ornament Magazine Team, how it all started 09:26 - what is the role of the Art director in a print magazine 11:42 - why the print version 12:29 - the business model of Ornament magazine 15:56 - how to start a new media 17:54 - team member of the magazine 19:39 - tone of voice 20:24 - digital tools to manage Social media content 22:51 - about the way of building the websites 25:21 - how Lyubov was hired to Instyle 28:44 - working as a graphic designer on special projects in Instyle magazine 29:21 - what special projects in the magazine are 31:21 - how is the process of working on a special project in media 33:37 - about the importance of the right team 35:15 - the process of hiring a team for magazine publication 37:06 - how Lyubov started to work with Avon as an art director 39:56 - how to use visual storytelling 41:51 - about Jim Jarmoush magazine storytelling 44:21 - about Wes Anderson's issue 45:04 - talents issue 46:03 - about the La La Land movie 44:17 - about other issues of Ornament 46:36 - about the background 47:36 - books to read, show to watch 50:11 - sources of inspiration 51:51 - advice to those who want to become an art director 54:59 - the difference between art and creative director 56:56 - definition of success Contacts: Lyubov Rybakova - Host: She Did It:
How to become a fashion and beauty expert, and influencer to create engaging content for Instagram
Katya Bychkova - a beauty, style expert, and influencer based in NYC who has worked with Dior, Clarins, Farfetch, Sephora, and others. Katya contributes to top lifestyle publications like InStyle and Pursuitist. She has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Refinery 29, New Beauty Magazine, and other media outlets.  She is a member of the NewBeauty Brain Trust, an expert panel created by New Beauty Magazine. She is also the founder and editor of the Style Sprinter blog — a luxury guide to skincare and makeup. 00:00 - intro 04:07 - Katya’s background and how she started her blog 05:29 - first steps in blogging 06:30 - first steps in IG and the progress made 07:55 - about 365 mask challenge 10:57 - about burnout of social media 12:51 - how to overcome burnout 15:26 - about the business - dog boutique and spa in Hamptons 17:36 - unexpected challenges in building the business 18:36 - lessons doing the business 19:42 - transition from doing business to full-time influencer career 22:48 - about defining the niche in the blogging 24:57 - why Katya started to go to NYFW 28:35 - how NYFW is beneficial 30:52 - how Katya establishes relationships with brands 33:35 - tricky questions about posting the sponsored content 38:15 - advice to brands working with an influencer 39:26 - no-brands for Katya 40:17 - content planning routing for influencer 42:27 - content creation: how Katya works with the photographer 44:35 - about personal and business life 48:35 - advice to someone who wants to become an influencer 50:33 - sources of inspiration 52:55 - about the fact-checking 54:30 - essential editorial tools for content creators 58:55 - how important is it to have an aesthetic grid 01:00:30 - how Katya grew IG following 1:01:37 - about IG challenges 1:02:25 - how Katya’s NYC started 1:05:39 - about the supportive communities 01:07:30 - podcasts and books 01:10:27 - future plans 01:11:00 - once again about canva 01:12:00 - definition of success 01:13:50 - outro Contacts: / IG: @stylesprinter
How to open a restaurant in NYC, role of technology for small business owner, career chapter in Etsy
Julia Kravets is a Software Engineer and founder of the first fully vegan and gluten-free crêperie in New York — Little Choc Apothecary. She built her restaurant in 2014 and successfully run the business for last 8 years. Now she is selling the restaurant and started to pursue her career in tech. She studied in Web Development Fellowship scholarship program at Fullstack Academy. Worked in Twitter, and last week she started working at Etsy. To hear the story why she didn’t let Asap Rocky to party, how to start a restaurant in New York City, how to overcome entrepreneurship challenges managing the restaurant, to integrate tech decisions to business process and switch the career path, starting working in tech. 00:00 - intro 03:30 - how Julia started her restaurant 07:08 - how Julia tired to raise money kickstarter 07:56 - pitching an investor 10:49 - first steps opening restaurant !12:53 - challenges Julia experienced doing her business 13:58 - about digitalizing the workflow !16:02 - tool Julia used for her restaurant 18:14 - marketing tools to attract new people ! 20:54 - how julia kicked out asap rocky from a crepery sex party 24:08 - how communities supported the restaurant 26:18 - how the restaurant survived the pandemic ! 27:25 - something Julia wish knew before starting the business 28:45 - practiced for life balance 30:30 - why Julia decided to sell the business 31:08 - what inspired Julia to start a career in tech 35:11 - about the first week working in Etsy 36:13 -about building a website other projects 38:35 - about the transitions from modeling to entrepreneurship and to tech 39:33 - how to win the fears starting something new 40:16 - books and podcasts !42:08 - advice to someone who wants to start a restaurant 43:03 - tech tools for business owners 46:28 - about Daria’s business mistakes 45:23 - delegation 47:59 - what is the definition of success Contacts: Guest Julia Kravets: Host Daria Mudrova:
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The Vivid Minds: From Virtual Hate to Burnout: 3 Influencers Share Their Journeys With Mental Health

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Meet Daria Mudrova: Beauty Expert, Beauty and Fashion Contributor, NYC Entrepreneur 

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VOGUE.RU: How Russian beauty brands becoming popular in US

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MAIRIECLAIRE.RU / "Geisha" Katy Perry and "Muslim" Khloe Kardashian: celebrity outfits that offended foreign culture 


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