Daria is digital content creator, media contributor and entrepreneur based in New York City.


Daria collaborates with lifestyle, beauty and fashion brands with a focus on women’s empowerment. While previously living in Moscow, she founded a start-up called My Beauty Box that collaborated with brands such as L’Oreal, Sephora, L'Occitane, Yves Rocher, Calvin Klein, Sheseido and LVMH. Daria set up Manhattan-based contemporary art gallery  Orchard Galerie.


Daria contributed articles to international publications to magazines Vogue, Cosmopolitain, Marie Claire, Instyle and others.

Daria launched She Did It Show broadcasted on 5 MNN TV-Channel Spectrum 1993 every next Thursday at 6pm and on Youtube Channel. Show highlights inspiring stories about talented women. 


Daria is an immigrant herself, she received O1 visa for extraordinary talents in the US. She hopes the content she creates encourages young women to be confident, positive and inspires them to take actions towards their dreams and goals. 


"She Did It show is honoring inspiring stories and voices of extraordinary talented women in the US, who exemplify strength, talent, who inspire others to take an action. Having a conversation about their values, true path, success, business, impact, life, challenges. Guests of the show are women who achieve something awesome and valuable, were being brave enouth to stand out and express themselves, overcome obsticales, judgement, society barrieries on the way to their dream, who succefully launched their brand, wrote a book, built their own business or fascinating career in a corporate world. I would love to create the community of women who support each other, who help to develop, inspire each other to take a step forward. Watch every next thursday." (c) Daria Mudrova

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The Vivid Minds: From Virtual Hate to Burnout: 3 Influencers Share Their Journeys With Mental Health

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Meet Daria Mudrova: Beauty Expert, Beauty and Fashion Contributor, NYC Entrepreneur 

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VOGUE.RU: How Russian beauty brands becoming popular in US

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MAIRIECLAIRE.RU / "Geisha" Katy Perry and "Muslim" Khloe Kardashian: celebrity outfits that offended foreign culture 

PR expert Polina Kurach how to create PR and Communications strategy for startups, working freelance
Polina Kurach is PR and Communication Specialist who worked in the Olympic Games in Sochi 2014 and Rio 2016, EXPO 2017, New York Fashion Week. She has been representing her clients at international events such as World Economic Forum in Davos, EXPO in Astana, and was working with such brands as Conde Nast , Mikhailov and Partners. Today she is in our studio and I would love to talk with her about her career from Olympic Games to bringing media coverage to big names and startups, about challenges along that way. And of course, we will dive more deep to communications and PR. Timecode: 00:00 Intro 1:23 Who is Alina Kurach 03:30 Polina about her PR education 05:35 About working at Olympic games in Sochi 2014 07:30 To-go phrase which helps to solve life problems 08:56 About networking in NYC 09:13 About doing PR for New York Fashion Week brand’s show 13:41 Why working part-time and freelance, not full time in the office 14:41 - Multitasking at remote work 15:26 - Story about working in Hawaii and time difference with Moscow 17:10 - Cons working remotely 18:43 - About time management and hiring assistants 22:11 - How to delegate things in a smart way 26:07 - How to find an assistant 29:23 - How to organize workflow within a team 31:58 - How happened the transition from events to PR 34:54 - About her PR niche 36:34 - What brands should consider from PR manager at first steps of communication 39:07 - What is it classical PR 40:09 - About paid and unpaid media placement in Europe, Kazakhstan 40:33 - American media specifics in PR 41:38 - How to manage expectation working with PR manager 42:41 - How to do PR with a small budget 46:00 - How to choose PR manger 46:38 - Why PR as a partnership with a company 48:33 - How to develop good communication skills 50:17 - How to start conversation 54:19 - How to build online presence to entrepreneurs 01:02:53 - Personal brand presence 01:03:55 - 5 advices how to build the career in PR 01:10:12 - Book about PR 01:13:43 - Differences in media in the US and Europe 01:16:32 What is the definition of success Contacts: Guest Polina Kurach - She did it show - Host Daria Mudrova - #prexpert #communications #networking #prforstartupsusa
Interview with Sofi Chernyak about AR filters, MaquillAR, Val Garland, Safiya Nygaard and more
Sofi Chernyak is a digital make-up artist; the founder and CEO of an augmented reality design studio, MaquillAR and an editorial make-up artist.   Her augmented reality clients include top beauty and fashion brands such as Lashify, Numero Magazine, and artists like Val Garland and Erin Parsons. Her most recent digital project for Safiya Nyaguard has gained over 46 million impressions.   And her make-up portfolio includes publications in Vogue, ID, and New York Times Style as well as work for brands like Versace, LaPerla, and Rebag.   Talking with Sofi about augmented reality, what is it and how creative entrepreneur and business owners could use it to increase brand awareness, interact with their customers, about her entrepreneurship journey, how did it and more. 00:00 - intro 3:31 - AR and VR what it is 04:05 - how to become AR digital makeup artist 06:13 — how Sofi switched from editorial MUA to digital MUA artist 07:41 - how she started MaquillAR Studio 08:45 - what Maquillar Studio is focused on 10:49 - which brands aside fashion and beauty could consider AR as marketing tool 12:20 - AR strategies 14:00 - beautification filters influence mental health 17:13 - self expression filters 19:32 - how to pick up the right AR filters in tiktok or instagram, stories or posts, lives 22:20 - the difference audience between IG and TikTok 23:37 - examples of AR filters for she did it 28:07 - collaboration MaquillAR Studio Val Garland 31:05 - how Sofi cultivate her relations with brands 33:41 - challenges and how to overcome it, on example with SPATE 36:14 - will AR transfer VR 39:52 - the most entrepreneurship challenges 42:43 - how artist can protect intellectual rights 43:38 - the importance of supporting surrounding 47:05 - how Sofi started her way in New York City, experience, eduction 50:03 - how Sofi started MaquillAR 51:24 - why starting the college after having practice for couple years is a good idea 52:55 - why Sofi switched from being MUA artist to digital MUA artist 53:58 - inspiring book 58:55 - inspiring podcast 59:37 - advice to some who would like to build a successful career 01:04:01 - definition of success Contacts: Sofi -
How to build successful Public Relations Career in the US, PR strategy by PR expert Maria Karr
Maria Karr is the Founder of a Russian beauty e-commerce platform Rumore Beauty and a PR expert. Maria led PR and communications at Amorepacific the world’s leading Korean beauty company, she is one of those people who made K-Beauty a thing. She managed PR and communications efforts for global beauty brands, such as LANEIGE, Innisfree, Mamonde and AMOREPACIFIC. She also taught her signature course on PR and Communications at Baruch College (City University of New York). Today she is the Founder of Rumore Beauty and her own PR agency Hillcrest Communications, where she helps young and emerging brands get more awareness. Most recently, her business and her clients have been featured in Allure, Conde Nast Traveler, Forbes, CNN, The Zoe Report, InStyle, US News & World Report and other top media outlets. 00:00 - Intro 01:57 - Introduction Maria Karr 03:42 - About the Siberian city of Barnaul and how Maria came to NYC in 2007 04:45 - How Maria’s life changed since she came to NYC 06:05- About eduction in the US - Baruch college and NYU 06:58 - About choice of professional path 08:30 - About experience working in HBO talents acquisition 09:23 - Why Maria Karr decided to pursue her career in Public Relations 10:10 - About working in Lincoln center Public Relations 11:07 - The role of education in a career 13:36 - How Public Relations industry changed for last 10 years 15:04 - About the transition from corporate job to entrepreneurship 16:03 - About inspiration creating platform for Russian beauty brands 18:03 - Entrepreneurship challenges 23:01 - How is that to be female entrepreneur in the US 23:48 - Female entrepreneurs community 25:13 - How to start entrepreneurship journey 26:08 - About cosmetic executive women community 27:34 - Public Relations for beauty brands 29:18 - Public Relations with a small budget 31:58 - Ad integration about Aromazeia Oils 33:38 - How to find Public Relations tools which works for your brand 40:20 - Should the brand voice their values 43:19 - Emotional connection with the brand 45:41 - Public Relations manager key qualities 49:08 - The differences working on the Public Relations agency, on corporate side and on your own brand 52:08 - Storytelling for brand 54:01 - How Public Relations works in a long terms, how many touch points 57:54 - Pitfalls of Public Relations career 60:03 - About signature Public Relations course in Baruch college New York 01:03:39 - How to pitch journalists 01:05:48 - Holistic Public Relations 01:07:08 - Advice to future Public Relations manager 01:10:37 - About experience being an immigrant in NYC 01:13:41 - Books about Public Relations 01:15:42 - Definition of success 01:17:28 - Contacts Links: Maria Karr IG: Host Daria Mudrova: Cosmetic Executive Women: Aromazeia oils: #prcareer #publicrelations #shedidit #fempreneur